problem statement


Gracenote is the world’s leading entertainment data and technology company with services like EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and TV programs listing.

What's ON is their product/App which allows users to Quickly see what’s on TV, mark your favorite channels & shows, set reminders, and discover new shows.

But they wasn't doing so great with Windows Mobile App (Actually older App was a direct replica of their Android version)!


As a lead on this project, my involvement consisted of overseeing the entire product design from initial information architecture to continuous development. Beyond the product mapping, prototyping and user-testing, I also sanitized current Android and iOS UI components.

  • Workflows
  • Wire-framing
  • Lead designer
  • Built UI Library
What's ON old and new designs

the process


It's not another redesign!

Being a fast growing company, we had increasing problem of inconsistency. Layouts were built by different people with different focus areas. Things worked out well for each screen/project/functionality, but it was never a unit.

So for me, this project is not another redesign. It's about stetting a standard and creating base for our design and development team.

What's ON wireframes

Keeping it native

Sticking to native UI components was the ground rule of this project. This helped us speed up our development process and was also no learning curve for users.

India's official TV guide
All new channel details
Explore movies
Select your operator
Program info
Search programs
All TV channels

Design increased installs by 8%!

'Redesign' project showed us why design is important. All those tiny icons and spacing matters. Here are some mentions of "What's ON" in news.

What's ON testimonials