problem statement


SensiBol was looking for a Karaoke platform which helps them showcase different aspects of their 'Singing Interface'

SensiBol is a Music Signal processing research company, who builds and licenses solutions, with their proprietary audio-processing algorithms, for the music edutainment space.

There is a growing market for Karaoke and people who want to learn singing, in India. SensiBol is trying to tackle this with Gaona Karaoke.


As the sole designer, I oversaw entire design of the product from initial ideas stage to continuous development. This included the creation of wireframes, product maps, designs for all platforms (Android, iOS, Mac and Web) and front-end development for each.

  • Workflows
  • Wire-framing
  • Sole designer
  • Branding
  • Front-end development

the process


Seamless singing (and learning) experience across platforms.

Gaona Karaoke is a 360-degree online singing platform that integrates cutting-edge IP in music and voice processing with unique user-friendly interfaces. Users can sing their favourite songs in an interactive karaoke interface, get rated on their singing ability, and store, listen to and share their customized recordings.

Checkout Android, iOS application or Website.

Gaona Karaoke 360-degree products

Minimal design with tons of features

'Singing Interface' has so many exciting features like real-time visual feedback, cover-version creation, multi-lingual lyric display and video karaoke - to name a few. All these has to be included without overwhelming the user and also keeping in open for white-labelling.

Crating a brand that communicates a new direction

I also got opportunity to design app icon and few artworks to promote "Gaona Karaoke" mobile applications on Facebook.

Gaona Karaoke app icon

Gaona Karaoke Facebook Ad - everyone is a singer

Gaona Karaoke Facebook Ad - bathroom singer